Last Revised: April 2023

License Terms for Selling Digital - All Access (membership)

Any participation in this service will constitute acceptance of this agreement. If you do not agree to abide by the below, please do not use this service.

When you subscribe to Selling Digital - All Access, we grant your business a non-transferable license that allows you to sell and redistribute an edited/customized version of the templates provided to you in the membership (limited by the terms of use).

✅An active paid subscription is required to create products to sell or distribute using the templates included in the membership. 

✅When your subscription ends or is canceled, you do not need to remove the files from all websites where they are sold, BUT you can not create ANY more new products using the templates available in the membership or that you have downloaded to your local device. You can continue selling all products that were listed for sale BEFORE you canceled your subscription. 


✅The templates in the membership can not be used to create freebies that can be edited or customized by the end user. 

✅Non-editable freebies (PDF format), under 20 pages total, can be created and distributed. A member can not create more than 5 freebies in the lifetime of their membership subscription (even after canceling and resubscribing). 


✅The templates in the membership can not be used to create bundles of any kind. Finished digital products that you create using the templates can not be bundled together to create another product of any kind. 

Memberships/Subscription websites

✅The templates in the membership can not be sold inside of a membership in template form. Editable files can not be sold as part of a subscription or membership of any kind. 

✅A finished, non-editable, product can be sold as part of a membership or subscription (in PDF or PNG file form only). 

✅Any product sold as part of a subscription or membership, can only include a personal (non-commercial) use license and must be sold to a final user only. The final product can not be resold or shared. You must include a notice with your product. 

Fair Use Policy

✅You may not display the products in a way that diminishes their value.

✅All and any products must be sold at a minimum of $5 USD.

✅ The products created with the templates have to be a specific product. For example, you can use the templates to create: templates to create a weekly meal planner, templates to create a homeschool planner, templates to create a Bible study journal, templates to create a sports magazine, etc. Selling a set of general templates that can be used to create multiple products, is not allowed. 

Use the templates provided in an ethical manner, play/work fairly, stick to the guidelines provided. 

Yadsia G. Iglesias Media LLC reserves the right to terminate your membership at any time without notice and without a refund. 

Access to the Facebook group is a bonus and it is not guaranteed. It may be revoked or terminated at any time.

Commercial License

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Product Limits

✅ A product sold as an editable/customizable template can not exceed 100 pages (this limit does not apply to digital planners). Digital/hyperlinked planners intended to be used with a PDF annotating app can not exceed 550 pages.
✅ A product sold as non-editable can not exceed 400 pages. 
✅ The templates can not be used for client work. 


✅ Fonts can not be resold.
✅ Fonts can be used in commercial and personal products, including editable/customizable products.
✅ Can be used in PLR (can not be sold as PLR by themselves). 


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